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I’m Not Fussy is Australia’s premier guide for health and wellness; inspiring, connecting and supporting individuals who make life choices for their health or because of allergy, intolerance, chronic illness!

Through our interactive portal we are enabling your potential customers to easily locate you, regardless of their location in Australia.

I’m Not Fussy REWARDS businesses that support people with unique needs by connecting them directly with their target audience and increasing traffic.

This interactive and informative online portal includes information and resources, articles, business/services directory, forums and story telling.

Content is added weekly through articles from contributors, through social media sites including facebook and twitter and from our research team.

Who are our audience and how are they using us?

With an average of more than 200,000 hits per month, 20% of our visitors stay between 15mins and 1 hour and viewing an average of 14 pages per visit.

Who are we targeting?
Individuals living with allergy* or intolerance*
Individuals living with chronic disease^ or illness
Individuals who make alternative choices for their health and wellness
Individuals who are seeking organic or healthier options in their life
Individuals seeking alternative therapies or remedies
Businesses seeking wholesale products that suit specific dietary or health issues

*approx. 25% of the population NSW Food Authority

^AIHW analysis of the 2004-05 National Health Survey showed that just over 7 million people have at least one chronic condition, and the proportions having a condition increase with age, as do the proportions of people reporting more than one chronic condition.

Need more information about our audience – email us.

Marketing – how are we getting your business out there?

We have a strategic marketing campaign being undertaken by Across the Verge, marketing specialists (includes print, radio and tv media)
advertise on a number of key websites
partner with like minded organisations
promote via our community outreach programs
monthly e-newsletter called The Unfussed Foodie
daily posts on FACEBOOK and TWITTER
regular contributions to our BLOG – Unfussy Foodie


I’m Not Fussy has been designed to connect people looking for products and services to support their health and wellness, with businesses that provide those products and services.

Online…in print… social media!
We have a range of great advertising opportunities, from basic listingsin our online directory to full packages including banner advertising, social media pointers and advertising in our printed Mini Magazine, Where Can I Eat?

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