Chilli, Garlic and Basil Crusted Spatchcock with Warm Roast Pumpkin and Hazelnut Salad with Blood Plum Dressing

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(serves 4)


2 Spatchcock halved lengthwise

4 tablespoons Pesto (recipe follows)

1 large green chilli

8 sliced (1cm) thick pieces of Jap pumpkin halved , skins on

Pomegranate Molasses (can be substituted with Blood Plum Vinegar or other sweet syrup like dressing)

Salad greens, asparagus, rocket, lettuce, broccolini

½ cup Hazelnuts lightly roasted


Combine Pesto with 1 Chilli finely diced

Marinate the Spatchcock in the Pesto mix overnight (or for a few hours) in a zip lock bag.

Roast Spatchcock on a lined tray in a medium oven (180°) for 30 mins, remove and rest

At the same time, Roast Pumpkin also for 20 minutes, remove, drizzle with a small amount of pomegranate molasses and return to oven for 10 minutes.

While the spitchcock rests, lightly roast the Hazelnuts

Start assembling the plate with 4 half slices of pumpkin, topped with salad greens, then lightly place the spatchcock on top, sprinkle over the hazelnuts then lightly drizzle the dressing over the top

Sensational !

Pesto – Gluten & dairy free

There is really no need to measure anything so you can experiment with this. Make sure that you keep the contents of the jar covered with a layer of olive oil and it will last longer. You could also try adding a little vinegar or lemon juice but I don’t. Can be frozen for later.


Basil leaves –  1  cups

Pine nuts  –  cup

Garlic – 2 minced/pressed cloves (or to taste)

Olive Oil – approximately ½ cup

Put the basil, pine nuts and garlic in the blender and press go

Add the olive oil in a stream until it is the consistency you are after.

  • This is great with lamb or with antipasto, rice, quinoa and anything else really.


Store bought Pesto usually contains Dairy/Lactose and quite often uses wheat products

Jacinta Harding
B HSC Nutritional Medicine

Optimum Health Nutritional Health and Wellness Clinic



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