Summer Table Interactive Cookbook

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Summer Table Interactive Cookbook

Summer TABLE is a world first interactive cookbook which solves the nightly dinner dilemma. Answering the age old question, ‘What’s for dinner tonight?’ with over 100 recipes for fast, delicious and healthy meals for every night of summer.

Not only does it solve the dinner dilemma but the shopping dilemma too! I developed an App that uses QR codes – scan a QR code from a recipe in the cookbook and produce a shopping list on your smartphone, with all the items you need sorted into the supermarket sections.

It’s a brand new concept of bringing the old wor ld of a hard copy cookbook and combining it with the new world of technology. A first in the cookbook world! This link gives you a preview of the book if you are interested

Summer TABLE has been really well received and the reviews have been nothing short of fantastic, including Victorian Institute of Sport dieticians and teachers of Home Economics.





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  • I am not a cook by any means, I actually don’t like cooking very much! However this cookbook is amazing! The recipes are so simple, with normal food that you have in your pantry, not exotic stuff. Even though the recipes are simple the food is divine! My favourite so far is the five spice chicken. It tastes divine and is so easy! Highly recommended for novice cooks

    Mel January 6, 2015 9:58 pm