Tangy Asian Salad

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tangy asian salad
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Mix lasts (undressed) for 3 days minimum … Great as an easy take to work lunch option

Top with Protein of choice ….. Salmon or Duck/Chicken/prawns/pork/beef or vegetarian option of marinated tofu


1/2 Wombok finely sliced

1 Medium Carrot thinly julienned

1 Capsicum finely sliced



½ cup Cashews, lightly roasted

Fried shallots (available Asian section of supermarket)

Coriander leaves

+/_ Mango

+/- Avocado


2 Ingredients in the Ratio of

3 Honey: 2 Tamari (soy sauce)   …. You can make a big batch of this and use it as dressing or marinade … use a good quality tasty honey for best results

Simple to make and awesome!

Jacinta Harding
B HSC Nutritional Medicine
Optimum Health Nutritional Health and Wellness Clinic




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