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Intelligent Nutrition and Functional Training
real fit foodby Andi Lew

In bookstores across Australia from June $29.95 and via e-book $13.95

More than 80% of food on supermarket shelves just wasn’t there before. Since the ‘low-fat’ food movement and clever marketing on packaging, we have become overfed, undernourished and tired. So what is ‘real fit food’? It’s food that’s rich in micro-nutrition, which are vitamins and minerals. These easy recipes give you maximum ‘nutritional intelligence’ from food, keeping you fuller, longer. No more calorie counting!

In this saturated market of diet books, best-selling author of Eat Fat Be Thin, and ‘Fit Food Coach’, Andi Lew keeps it simple. Andi describes and explains ‘good fats’ and more on what she’s been teaching her loyal fans and followers for over 13 years. She teamed up with Crossfit Coach Gavin Ward who contributed in the fitness chapter and they bring the best functional training moves that help give you a Summer body all year round.

Recipe by Andi – Paleo Crackers

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