Welcome HOME I’m Not Fussy Fans!

Thank you for joining us at I’m Not Fussy, we are excited about the journey we have taken so far and are so thrilled that you have joined us!

We know that when you ask for a ‘soy decaf latte with a sugar, dairy and gluten free muffin’ you aren’t being fussy – you are just choosing wellness above illness AND we know that as a business, when you cater for people who live with allergy, intolerance or chronic illness that you too are choosing wellness over illness = CONGRATULATIONS to you all!

Because you have joined as a FAN we are pleased to be able to provide you with some really FAB extras!

Whether you are an individual on a health and wellness journey, or a business who works in the industry, we will provide you with additional support.

Our team is working with a number of qualified and trusted people to bring you some exciting and innovative tools, resources, events, opportunities and information that only FANS will get access to.

Keep an eye on our monthly ENEWS – the Unfussed Foodie (individuals) and the INF Business Hub (businesses) for new articles and information – and keep checking back to you’re relevant page to see what is NEW!

In the meantime, be well.

Warmest, Rebel

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