Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.Why did you call the website I’m Not Fussy?
Apart from the fact that it gets people’s attention (and it is a bit of fun!), we called the site I’m Not Fussy because we recognise and want to highlight that people who choose health and wellness, whether it be because they live with chronic illness, allergy or intolerance, are not fussy – that they must request different products because they have to, not because they are being difficult or choosy!
We wanted to start a conversation that people weren’t having and make it a bit fun too!
We also have a vision that everywhere you go that provides a service or product for health and wellness carries the label of I’m Not Fussy to start to shift the attitude that exists in mainstream Australia…and that everyone who lives with allergy, intolerance or chronic disease could flash their ‘I’m Not Fussy’ badge and get some satisfaction in knowing they will be treated without fear of retribution!

2. What organisations do you support?
At this point we have established a fund where $1 from every FAN and $5 from every advertiser and $2.50 from the sale of every t=shirt, will be placed and we will donate the money annually through a grants program. We want to ensure the funds are being used effectively in health and wellness programs and not being wasted in administration or organizational expenses. We will be focusing on health and wellness education, research and will have a specific interest in programs in rural, regional and remote Australia.

3. I am interested, how do I join?
Easily! You just click on the FAN subscriber ‘Subscribe Now’ button above and complete your details! If you would like support or assistance with this process, please contact us on info@imnotfussy.com.au or call us on 02 8007 4812.

4. I’m interested in advertising my business, how do I do that?
We really want to support you and promote your business! So we have made our directory easy to register with and simple to maintain. Just click on the List your Business button above and complete your details. Please note that you MUST provide a service for people living with chronic illness, allergy, intolerance or who choose health and wellness for your listing to appear in the directory. You are able to maintain and update your listing as you choose and make it as interactive and FUN as you can! We will also have other advertising and promotional activities for you to become involved with, should you choose. If you would like further information or assistance, please contact us on info@imnotfussy.com.au or call us on 02 8007 4812.

5. Who is funding this?
I’m Not Fussy is owned and funded by a private business partnership that is a socially conscious contributor. This social venture will raise funds for health and wellness research and education.

6.What research have you done?
In the development of the business plan and model we have researched government and academic research in the areas of allergy, intolerance and chronic illness. We have spent a lot of time researching websites including directories and communication portals and have researched peak bodies and associations in the health and wellness sector.