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This recipe is my baby!
I have been developing this recipe for more than 10 years…trial after trial until I achieved this amazing recipe.
Bread is such a staple in people’s diet, and the hardest one to let go of to become healthier….and that is a problem that I encounter everyday in my raw breadcareer as a personal trainer.

People are so addicted to wheat and most breads contain wheat so it was a mission close to my heart and I developed this recipe. It doesn’t require any special kitchen equipment.
On numerous occasions I gave this bread to people to taste and they didn’t even realise it was raw.

I recommend that you have a maximum of 2 slices of this bread per day and drink plenty of water due to the bread’s high fibre content.
If you are very clean inside you will have no problems with it.
So I will hand my baby to you, have fun and pass this recipe forward !

Let’s make everyone in the whole planet glow and get healthier.

What you’ll need:

High speed blender like Vitamix.

Ingredients: (I try to always use certified organic ingredients and farm fresh ingredients)
2 cups of raw cashews
2 cups of water
½ cup of dried Italian herbs
¼ cup of onion powder
2 cups of psyllium husks


1. In a high speed blender mix all ingredients apart from the psyllium husks.
2. Once blended, then add the psyllium husks to the mixture, create a bread loaf shape.
3. Leave it resting for 5 minutes.

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