Choko Jam

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chocojamChoko Jam by Kersten from Kersten’s Kitchen

300g Choko (peeled, chopped small)
180g Pure Harvest Rice Syrup
1 empty Vanilla Pod (optional)

Using your Thermomix,
Add choko and syrup to the bowl
Cook 25mins, 1000 speed soft
Check with a fork to ensure choko is now very soft
(notice how much liquid is now in the bowl)
Puree 15-20sec speed 8
Check and scrape puree back to the bottom of the bowl
(take care when removing the lid so not to burn yourself)
Cook 25mins, Veroma Temp speed 1
Check consistency, should be thick and when you scrape the bottom with a spoon, almost hold its shape.
If not, cook another 5 minutes
Once done, scrape into container and store in fridge
While cooling the jam will thicken further

Omit vanilla for the super sensitive


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