Medical Conditions and Chronic Disease

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A Medical Condition is a problem that needs to be treated or managed. Many medical conditions can indicate a complex underlying disease or illness that requires additional investigation and/or treatment.

Chronic Diseases are a diverse group of disease are those that are complex, have multiple risk factors are persistent and prolonged intheir symptoms or development, they do not resolve easily and are generally not cured completely. The 2004/2005 National Health Survey indicated that more than 7 million people in Australia were living with a chronic disease.

The biennial update of Australia’s Health undertaken by the Australian Institute for Health and Welfare “Australia’s Health 2010” indicated that the total burden or disease and injury in 2003 was attributed to chronic conditions, leading the contribution was cancer (19%) and cardiovascular disease (18%).

This same document reported that the National Health Survey in 2007-2008 found that people living outside major cities (rural and regional locations) were more likely to report certain chronic disease than those residents in major cities.

medicalMedical Conditions and Chronic Disease include
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[symple_li]Autoimmune Diseases[/symple_li]
[symple_li]Cardiovascular Diseases[/symple_li]
[symple_li]Cerebral Palsy[/symple_li]
[symple_li]Chronic Fatigue Syndrome[/symple_li]
[symple_li]Common Gut Problems[/symple_li]
[symple_li]Crohns Disease[/symple_li]
[symple_li]Coeliac Disease[/symple_li]
[symple_li]Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorder[/symple_li]
[symple_li]Irritable Bowel Syndrome[/symple_li]
[symple_li]Kidney Disease[/symple_li]