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“For in each of us is a bounty of knowledge and a place divine that can provide more blessings to one than stars in the sky.”
Rebel Black CEO I’m Not Fussy

Through people’s stories we can be supported, inspired and challenged to view the world in new ways.

On this site we will share with you…the story of the people!

Share your Story

Thank you for showing interest in contributing to our website by sharing your story – we look forward to speaking with you soon!

What we will need

  • Between 30 mins and 1 hour of your time
  • The opportunity to connect with you by phone, preferably a landline
  • A high quality image (if possible)
  • Your permission to share your story online and in any other promotional material we produce (including social networking sites)

You can tell your story anonymously, by first name only or by your full name and because we are hoping to connect, support and inspire people, the Story page can be an informal form of networking, so we can also add a link to your Facebook page to the bottom of your story! Your level of anonymity is your choice, we will respect your decision!

If you would like to continue; please just send us an email with your name, contact phone number, email and a brief (no more than 100 words) of your wellness journey and your availability (eg best time/days to make contact).

We look forward to sharing your story!

SHARE your story Now!

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Fantastic Stories to INSPIRE!

Andrew Kayton tells his personal story of
ageing and his disability.

Julie tells her inspiring battle to help her
daughter Amy with Aromatherapy

Barry’s inspiring story and his battle to keep
well while fighting prostate cancer

Diary of an Alcoholic is a personal story of a
woman facing the challenges of her alcohol

Erin Jaye Williams went from 127kg to 57kg,
read Erin’s story to find out what tipped her
over the edge.

Meet Belinda and Melanie, founders of the
successful endota spa entity.

Deborah Shepherd works with others facing
significant change or are wanting a change.

Emma Sutherland her mission in life is to
inspire women to get their mojo back.

Stephanie’s personal experience with allergies
and the creation of Allerchic

A Real Life Gluten Free Story – Beth’s Story

A New Smile A New Beginning.
Veronica Whitter

From Never Walk or Talk to Superman –
Ravyn Summers Story

A Supercharged Journey – Lee Holmes from
chronic illness to book author

Bellas Story – Coping withEosinophilic

Noelene Gration – Surviving Diabetes

Robyn Stitt – A journey through arthritis
and back

Jennifer Morton – Finding relief through
Western and Natural medicines

Barbara Macciolli – Dear Monica, we
remembered your allergies: the importance
of allergy awareness